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    Roland Dickey Jr.

    As the Chief Executive Officer of Dickey's Capital Group in Dallas, Texas, Roland Dickey Jr. is a distinguished figure in business and barbecue. His deep-rooted connection with Dickey's Barbecue Restaurants, Inc. is not just professional; it's a treasured family legacy, being the grandson of the brand's founder. His progression from mastering the art of slow-smoked meats in familial settings to spearheading an international barbecue empire clearly reflects his dedication and mastery in the field. In his current role at Dickey's Capital Group, he oversees the operations and expansion of Dickey's Barbecue Restaurants, Inc. franchise network. His unique perspective and understanding of the brand's traditions have been pivotal in transforming it from a regional favorite to an internationally recognized name with over 550 locations worldwide. Beyond his responsibilities at Dickey's, he also manages a diversified portfolio encompassing various business sectors. This includes involvement in retail product lines, manufacturing, real estate, metal fabrication, and distribution networks. His ability to strategically diversify and grow the family's business ventures showcases his entrepreneurial acumen and innovative mindset.


    His engagement with the Dickey's brand began early, learning the intricate process of slow-smoked barbecue alongside his father. This experience instilled in him a profound appreciation for barbecue and founded his passion for the industry. After completing his high school education, he furthered his academic journey at Southern Methodist University, pursuing a degree in Business Administration. This educational background provided him with essential skills and knowledge, preparing him to take on the challenges of managing and expanding a thriving business. Joining Dickey's team in 1999 marked a significant milestone, as he became the third generation of his family to contribute to the brand's success. Over the years, he navigated through various pivotal positions within the company, garnering a comprehensive understanding of the business. His unwavering dedication to maintaining the authenticity and high quality of Dickey's Barbecue was a critical factor in his eventual ascension to CEO in 2016.